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Tropical Storm Bret and Personal Contents

It's early in the season for a named Tropical Storm. TS Bret is making his way to the Caribbean and all of us along the Gulf Coast will be keeping an eye out for path development and strengthening.

Will this be an overly active season? That's anyone's guess but we all know it just takes 1 to hit your area and it's a year never to be forgotten. There are storm names that mark time along the Gulf... Katrina, Rita, Laura, to name a few.

We can all remember items we owned that were from before Katrina or didn't make it through Laura. We also have a better understanding of how insurance works, both homeowners and flood. One attempts to bring you back to whole while the other is more bare minimum.

What steps can you take with a named tropical storm making it's way? Take photographs and lots of them. Do you have artwork, jewelry or fire arms that have separate documentation? Get all of it together and have it portable at a moments notice. Gathering documents now before there's a threat to your area is a way to ensure nothing of importance is forgotten.

If you are in the unlucky area and have an insurance claim to make for your home or business, simply email us your before and after photos. We write the personal contents estimate within 7 days. Visit for more information.


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