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After the storm comes the calm.

- Matthew Henry

Rain Drops

Welcome to sorted.

We understand that after a disaster, it can be overwhelming to sort through the wreckage and assess what has been lost. That's where we come in. Our comprehensive inventory service will document your client's possessions in detail, giving them peace of mind during the claims process.

Our team of trained professionals will work with law firms, public adjusters, and insurance companies to provide you with an accurate and detailed record of everything that has been affected. With this information, you can work with your client to process claims faster and get them the money they need to start their journey to recovery. 

who we are

sorted. was founded in hurricane country and staffed by women who understand the aftermath of destruction.

​When returning home, after a devastating hurricane, to find a catastrophe, damage to her own home she began trying to rebuild and maneuver the claims process. Through her own experience, Elizabeth Alexander, founder, and CEO, learned how hard the process was for homeowners when trying to inventory all the personal items lost. 

Inventorying your personal items are low on the list of immediate needs. Once safety, shelter, and utilities are obtained, there is an ever-growing list of important tasks to compete while dealing with the stress and brain fog of feeling so overwhelmed.

​sorted. works with law firms, public adjusters, and insurance companies to save time and get the homeowners the money they deserve to replace items lost in a disaster.

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