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Business Inventory--Preparing Before the Storms

While most of storm preparation seems to focus on homeowners, businesses also need to prepare and inventory their offices prior to having a claim.

Our first step is to meet virtually and discuss with the business owner or office manager how the process works and what we will need from them to produce a thorough estimate.

Each business and scenario is different so we customize the experience based on their needs.

Ideally, we send out a team to photograph the building(s) and it's contents. Those photographs will be available on a Google link so it's easily transferable.

We then prepare a current replacement value estimate with weblinks for reference, taxes and shipping included.

This is beneficial, not just for storm claims but also for insurance renewals. Many companies that offer business insurance will even pay for this inventory as they benefit from the information.

If sorted. content inventory services can assist you or your clients, please reach out to

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