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It's Time for an Insurance Checkup

Get an Insurance Checkup

With 2 weeks to go before this year's Hurricane Season begins it is time for your annual insurance policy’s physical. Get out a copy or download it from your insurers website. Standing in your soggy, shattered yard after a storm is no time to learn about policy changes.

Insurers have special policies for renters, homes that are part of farms, condominiums, manufactured homes, as well as various levels of coverage available for your different possessions.

Then there are the terms to refresh yourself with terms such as: dwelling, other structures, loss of use and personal property, which is all your belongings including appliances, clothing, electronics, and furniture. Sometimes separate policies are in place for cash, jewelry, firearms, boats, musical instruments and so on.

Give your policy(s) a read and email or call your agent if you have any questions at all.

Should the worst happen and you find yourself using the coverage, your claim can only go smoother, especially if you ask your adjusters for the services of sorted. contents inventory services, to itemize your personal contents.

sorted. contents inventory services, has a proprietary methodology allowing us to not only catalog effectively every item in the home, but also assign an accurate replacement value at today’s market rates for them.

Most jobs turn around in a speedy seven working days and allow the attorney you’ll eventually hire to be much more efficient, so if you haven’t yet talked to sorted. about contents inventories, do it now at 337.309.6955 or see


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