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How We Assist Public Adjusters with Content Estimates

You filed your claim for damages, the insurance sent out an adjuster. Days, weeks, months later you're still frustrated with the insurance company's assessments of your damages. Always keep in mind that the insurance company adjuster works for that company. It's their goal to save the insurance company money on coverage payouts for each policy.

This is where a public adjuster enters the picture, they work on behalf of policy holders with the goal of getting you the most compensation out of your damage claims. Public adjusters have the skills to determine a correct assessment of damages. They typically have a background in construction which aids in their ability to put together accurate estimates.

In 32 states Public Adjusters must pass a strict test, demonstrating industry knowledge. And just like their specialization is the construction of the dwelling, our niche is personal contents. We aid them in constructing a complete claim and give a better picture of the loss for homeowners or businesses alike.

sorted. contents inventory services has a proprietary methodology allowing us to not only catalog virtually every item in the home, but also assign an accurate replacement value at today's market rates for them.

Most content estimates turn around in a speedy 7 working days and allow the public adjusting firm to be much more efficient. For more information about content estimates for home or office, please visit us at


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