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Inflation Increasing the Value of Content Estimates

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics CPI, $100 in 2020 is equivalent in purchasing power to about $118.63 today. A dollar can buy less of what it used to just 3 short years ago.

The average time it takes for a natural disaster to ravage an area, insurance to deny the claim, get lawyers involved and finally sit at mediation is about 18 months, at minimum. If your personal property/content estimates are not current, you are leaving money on the table for your clients. What you have listed from nearly 2 years ago is not the current replacement value today.

We review and update content estimates to ensure that you have the most current pricing available when it's time to fight for your clients. Every item has a live weblink attached to give real time examples. And if there is no content estimate, we use your photos, both still and 3D, to write an estimate that shows the true value of their loss.

We make sure you receive this in a timely manner (usually 7-10 days) because as an extension of your office, efficiency matters. Visit for additional information or email

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