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Personal Content Values in Contested Estates

Sometimes we get asked what keeps us busy when storms are not attacking the US. Fortunately, there's not really an off season for bad weather. But another useful context for our personal property estimates is for contested estates.

When families come to an impasse on inherited property,

it helps everyone involved to have a clear and unbiased third party come in and assign worth. We are Switzerland in these situations. All items have a value and no one's sentimentality alters it.

Your love for an item or a memory it holds for you does not give that item additional worth than it's replacement value on the open market. Our unbiased approach can be a balm for highly emotional and high monetary situations. And that approach can be a win for your firm.

If you assist families with probate and estate settlements, we can help your clients with whatever personal items are in question. It helps them to make informed decisions that they can feel good about, no one is left shortchanged, and that in turn makes you and your firm more efficient.

Let us get you sorted,

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