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Who’s Your New BFF After a Disaster?

Other than your actual best friends you may feel like after all the phone calls to your insurer, emails, texts with your agent that when the adjuster shows up, he’s your new best friend mainly just for being there. But don't rush head over heels in a bromance, he’s not watching out for you, he’s watching out for the insurance company who wants to pay you as little as possible for your damage claim.

No one is saying insurance company adjusters are bad people, they’ve got a job to do and that’s to represent the insurance company. They do not work for you but are on your property on behalf of your insurance company. Your best defense is knowledge and photo preparation.

Prepare Yourself with Policy Knowledge

Let your adjuster know that you’re aware of your coverages in your policy and knowledgeable about the claims process. Make sure you understand what your adjuster is on your property for, have a copy of your policy handy and refer to it during his visit, as necessary. Pre-document your property with photos prior to any disasters, and let your adjuster know you have photos of everything.

When it comes to contents inventory, sorted., is your new BFF. When your insurer tries to underpay your claim based on inaccurate or incomplete contents inventories let sorted., go to work for you.

What We Do

sorted., uses a proprietary methodology allowing us to not only catalog virtually every item in the home, but also assign an accurate replacement value at today’s market rates for them.

Most jobs turn around in a speedy seven working days and allow the attorney you may eventually hire to be much more efficient, so if you haven’t yet talked to sorted. about contents inventories, do it now at 337.309.6955 or see

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