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Wildfire Claim for Home or Business

If you find your home or business in the path of any of the multitude of wildfires currently wreaking havoc across the US, we at sorted. contents inventory services are praying that you and your families are safe. This dry summer is turning forests and neighborhoods alike into kindling.

Fires can't be prevented once the wind blows flames your way, but if the worst should happen, there are things you can do to manage your wildfire insurance claim for home or business more effectively.

First, have a current copy of your homeowners policy. If a hard copy isn't possible, have your agent email it to you and begin to thoroughly review and refresh yourself of it's limits and payouts. You'll need to notify your carrier and your mortgage holder of the loss.

What's the ALE (additional living expenses)? Depending on the extent of the loss, you may need to make this portion of your policy last for years. Choose temporary housing wisely to make the most of this and limit your out of pocket exposure.

Once you can get back to survey damages, take an abundance of photos. You can't document enough. The success of your claim will depend on this documentation. It's good to hope for the best, but have solid evidence to back up your claim.

We use a combination of photos and homeowner's lists to build their personal contents estimates. It's the most effective way to piece together what took years to build. With current replacement values and weblinks assigned to each item for reference, this comprehensive list will help you move towards recovery.

If we can assist you or your clients in their recovery, please visit for additional information.

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