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Accurate Values for Personal Contents

It's easiest to think of personal contents as anything in your home that you'd pack to move with you.

Some of these items have more sentimental value than monetary and it can be difficult for homeowners to assign accurate replacement value because of this.

Oftentimes the fact that an item was passed down to them, makes them assume it has to be worth something. We know that's not usually the case. Age doesn't necessarily add worth, and with the issue of insurance claims...depreciation plays a huge role in the final number.

We assign a fair current replacement value, with a link to find the item or its nearest equivalent online for reference, for every inventoried item. We take into account the value of the home and other items for reference and specific brands if discernable. We feel like it's a more accurate representation of the lifetime of items families have accumulated than can be automated by software.

If your clients have experienced a catastrophic event and are in need of a fair and accurate contents estimate to complete their claim, contact us at and in most residential cases, we'll have it completed in 7 days.

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