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Auditing a Previously Written Contents Estimate

While it is preferred that sorted. contents inventory services write the original personal property estimate for a claim, in some instances we are brought in as a third party to audit what has been presented to the insurance company and its litigation team.

We can dissect the previously written estimate for errors and omissions with the aid of photographs and confirm or adjust the current replacement value for each item. The end result is up to date and accurate, as some of these claims linger for years waiting to litigate.

We value our position as a trusted partner in these disputes and always strive to be fair and unbiased. After all, each of us on the team has filed our own claims and understands how important this information is to the home and business owner to get them back to pre-storm conditions.

We like to think of it as a second opinion and one that can potentially gain your clients thousands of additional dollars. It's definitely worth the review. Contact us at for additional information.


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