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How Much is Your Personal Property Worth?

How much is your personal property worth? Probably more than you think. Especially if you suddenly have to replace it all.

We accumulate the items of our homes over decades. One hurricane, tornado, fire or flood can take that all away. That's where your contents coverage in your homeowner's, rental or flood policy becomes exceptionally valuable.

Many new homeowner's barely glance at these policies beyond the dwelling coverage and the price per year, but that policy could have to replace everything you own. It's worth taking a deep dive and taking with your agent about what coverage best aligns with your needs.

We have written content estimates for personal property anywhere from $75k to $500k for homeowners and in the millions for commercial damage. Everything you would pack when moving is considered personal property. Even the shop out back full of tools and lawn equipment.

We take your damaged photos and any information you have to add as documentation and prepare a estimate to detail your loss. Most of our work is used in mediation and we strive to be a respected third party in these negotiations. If you or your clients need assistance with personal property claims, please visit

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