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Hurricane Activity is Right on Time

It's as if the Gulf of Mexico has been watching the calendar. Today is June 1, the beginning of Hurricane Coverage 2023, and already the residents of the gulf south have something to keep an eye on. Low chance of development, but it is a clear indication that this time of year we always have to stay weather aware.

Many businesses observed tax free weekends ahead of this day to give shoppers a tiny break on the purchase of any supplies they might want to stock up on. In this tight economy, it's doubtful too many took full advantage of that 10%.

What are ways to prepare that don't require spending money? Make today a day of review and readiness. Get out your homeowners and flood insurance policies. Make sure the coverage is complete and would meet your needs. We all know that once a named storm is in the Gulf, nothing can be issued or amended.

Go over evacuation plans with the members of your household. Where would you go and what would you need to take with you. Have you taken photos of everything inside and out at your home and business? Those photographs can literally be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and aren't to be missed.

sorted. contents inventory services has used homeowner's photographs from pre and post storm situations to write thousands of content estimates valued in the millions. This coverage has been paid for in your insurance policies and is money that goes straight to the named insured, not the mortgage holder. It can be a literal life saver when dealing with the aftermath.

As always, we hope this is a calm storm season, but if the worst should happen sorted. contents inventory services is here to assist. Visit for additional information.

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