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Personal Property Loss Estimates from Damage Photos

That photo, while overwhelming for the family and tragic, is very similar to all of the photos we receive from firms when we begin the work of writing personal property loss/content estimates.

What's our process?

We begin with a file review. There may be lists included, additional details that are hard to see in pictures. Sometimes the images, like this one, have to be lightened and expanded to have a better look.

If needed, and approved by the firm, we will reach out to the client for any additional information that they can provide. It takes a gracious heart to listen to their story of loss, and because the team at sorted. contents inventory services has literally been in their shoes, we want to write the most complete estimate we can for them. We are rooting for our clients to get back on their feet and feel grateful if we can be a part of their recovery.

3D images that allow us to "walk through" the property are wonderful but we know, after thousands of cases, that they are rare and you mostly get still images and have to map out the home yourself. We arrange the items based on the room in which it was located and when needed, we'll notate the rooms on each image. "Bedroom 2" isn't going to be obvious if unlabeled.

Once completed, we have a spreadsheet based on current replacement values of everything that can be seen in the images. It's concise and with live weblinks for reference, mediation runs smoothly. Everyone involved in the case can see that the pictures and the item listed are exact or it's most similar replacement.

We work quickly and efficiently and can be an asset to your firm when handling property cases. Please visit for additional information.


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