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Tornado Damage and Personal Contents Claims

It's been weeks of wild weather across the Southern US. Unfortunately, many communities are now recovering from tornado damage.

In the best of cases, most insurance companies will pay policy limits when a home or business is flattened. If you've been involved in the claims business for more than a minute though, we all know that best case is rare.

We've been contacted to assist with personal content claims in many caused by tornadoes. Based on that experience, here are a few tips when filing your claim.

First, dig up any and all photos you can of your home, interior and exterior, to support your documentation. Made recent large purchases? Go online and print credit card receipts or snippets of bank statements. The name of the game is documentation so find anything that will support it. Then make lists of anything you can think of, we've written many content estimates based on the homeowners memory of what was inside when damage photos just aren't available.

We take that information and write current replacement cost estimates for your entire home or business, with taxes and applicable shipping costs and live weblinks for reference. Having that third party estimate in hand can make a massive difference in how much and how quicky your claim is settled.

If you have been affected by recent storms or your firm has clients that are in need, contact for additional information.


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