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Let Us Get You sorted.-Personal Property Estimates

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Many times, the first reaction we get from an attorney or public adjuster is one of surprise that we even exist. And once they realize we do exist the most common reaction we get is ‘what a load off our backs!’

We’ve even had attorneys claim getting contents inventories from homeowners or businesses is the bane of their existence! Because after a disaster, hurricane, flooding, fire and other a sense of shock sets in for the property owner. They go through emotional stages like grief following the loss of a loved one. Many never get over the effect of seeing their homes, their safe spaces destroyed.

Add in the further frustration of dealing with the insurance company’s adjuster and accurately listing one’s contents for a claim becomes a massive chore. That’s where we come in.

sorted. contents inventory services, has a proprietary methodology allowing us to not only catalog virtually every item in the home, but also assign an accurate replacement value at today’s market rates for them.

Most jobs turn around in a speedy seven working days and allow the attorney you’ll eventually hire to be much more efficient, so if you haven’t yet contracted personal property/ contents inventories, do it now at 337.309.6955 or see

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