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Why Contracting Out Content Estimates Makes Sense

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

We have heard from law firms that specialize in property work and public adjusters that the contents estimate portion of the claim is the "bane of their existence".

That's not a surprising observation for us at sorted. contents inventory services.

The content estimates, when compiled by the homeowner, are usually the last piece of the pie. The one thing the firm is hounding them about over months of calls and emails.

It's an emotional process for the homeowner to catalog a lifetime's worth of items. And usually one that they'll put off until the last minute, if they complete it at all.

Contracting this estimate out to sorted. contents inventory services allows you to complete your case in a timely manner and assures you've done the most comprehensive job that you could for your clients.

Most jobs turn around in a speedy 7 days with current replacement values and a live weblink for reference. See our website at or email today for more information.


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